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Nepal Government’s commencement of plan and implementation of  various programs to ascertain equity to quality education for every school going through the  preparation of school improvement programs with the aim of  developing model schools is praise worthy task. The present school education structure is Basic level and  Secondary level. School Sector Reform Program  and School Sector Development  Program  have been  useful guideline and source  in preparing school improvement programs. As it has been stated in the constitution of Nepal, 2072 B.S. , the duration for implementation  of  School Sector Development  Program is 2073-2080 B.S, ,  timely upgrading of  program is necessary, accordingly, in the process of preparing the School Improvement Program (SIP) , painstaking  effort has been endeavored to make it highly systematic and organized.

We would like to express our gratitude to District Education Office, Morang, Department of Education, Ministry  of  Education, for selecting this school, Shree Araniko Secondary School, located at Urlabari Municipality,  ward  no.8, Morang District, Province No 1, as a model school  in accordance with  Nepalese Government’s programs to ascertain everybody’s accessibility to education. The school has arranged to prepare the School Improvement Program with the active participation of all the stakeholders. We positively believe that the plan will be fruitful. This School Improvement Program comprises five years (2075-2080 B.S.) , one years ( 2075 B.S.) plan and their implementation structures.  As the School Improvement Program has been prepared, we have expected the implementation to be equally effective as well. Terms of Reference (TOR) has been used as the main guide line in preparation of the SIP. An Action Team has been formed to prepare the SIP, which advertised for experts, interested and qualified consultancies to prepare the Master Plan upon which EVERSAFE ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY PVT, LTD, has been selected being lowest bidder. We would like to congratulate and thank the consultancy for accomplishing the task as per the agreement.

We are grateful to all teachers, non- teaching staff, School Management committee, action committee and all others stakeholders who have participated and made useful and positive contributions in the preparation of this School Improvement Master Plan. We have expected from all concerned to receive constructive suggestions and help to make model School a success.


Shree Araniko Madhyamik Vidhyalaya is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

  • Community focus – our students come from wide range of communities

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 This school is located in Urlabari Municipality ward no. 8 , north eastern part of Durgapuri market, on the eastern side of Urlabari- Bardanga Highway at 5 km distance from Urlabari Chowk,  in Morang district, Province no 1,  constituency no 1 ‘ka’. The school is located  at the distance of 68 km. from Biratnagar, the district headquarters as well as headquarters of  Province No. 1. It’s altitude from the sea level is 200 meters  and lies in the Terai region. The catchment area of the school stretches from  26040” north to 26043”  north latitude and 87040” east to 87043” east longitude . The school possess 8-1-3/4 Bighas  or 54527.29 square meters  land registered in its name. The school has provided temporary shelter to the flood victims  comprising the school’s students and their families , flooded by  the Bakraha river that boarders the western side of the catchment area of the school in 2074 B.S.

The catchment area of the school for 0-12  class has been stated as following: to the east: Ambari Bazzar, Nalbari, Damak municipality, to the west, Bakraha river, to the north,  Athiyabari, boarder of ward no 7, Urlabari municipality, to the south, boarder of Ratuwamai rural municipality, Maharajsthan and Sombare area.

This school’s catchment area is inhabited by people who social, cultural, religious, economical, lingual and  gender  diversity. The immigrants from the Hilly districts of Mechi, Koshi, Sagarmatha zones, immigrants from  Assam, Bihar, West Bangal   of India ,comprising of Bahun, Tsetri, Limbu, Rai, Magar, Tamang, Newar, Dalit, Gurung, Bhujel, Sunuwar peole  in addition to the Eastern Terai ethnic groups like Satar, Dhimal, Tharu, Danuwar, Majhi etc, live within the catchment area, who by profession are mostly farmers however there are teachers, government and NGO officials, businessmen, foreign country workers as well as people who work as farm labours: Adhiya, Thekka, low wage earners with low education profile people also live in the catchment area of this school.




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