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Historical Background

This school was established  under the name of Rajghat Upper Primary School under the leadership of  late Jibnath Luitel, local resident of Rajghat, in 2016 B.S., at then ward no. 2 of Rajghat  Village Panchayat. Among the founders are Chairman Huppa Satar, members Jibnath Luitel, Lakhan Satar etc. According to the cabinet decision that all the schools located at  the booth centers of the first general election  2015 B.S. are to  be sanctioned, this school started  receiving  a financial grant of Rs 1100/- per year  since its establishment. Founder teachers were Jiwan shing, Ganeshlal Udas, Devendra Jha, Jiwanlal Kayastha, Ghanashyam Dulal, Biswanath Neupane, Surendra Karki, etc. Jibnath Luitel was the chairman of the school managing committee since 2019 B.S. In the year 2021/22 B.S. the school was shifted to present Durgapuri Bazzar and was run till 2026, Chaitra under the same name.

To upgrade the condition of the school to meet the demands of the changing time, various  local social workers like Jibnath Luitel, Kul Bahadur Limbu, Laxmi Kumar Shrestha, Harinarayan Shrestha, Duryodhan magar, Bhim Prasad Luitel, Balaram Gadtaoula, Krisna Bahadur Ghising, Muktinath Baral etc. upgraded the school and renamed it as  Shree Araniko Junior High School in 2027 B.S. According to the second phase of the National Education System  2028 B.S. , the school has been sanctioned as Shree Araniko Lower Secondary School. In the process of upgrading the school, it became Proposed Secondary School in 2038 and started running class up to class 10 and the first batch  took their  S.L.C. examination in 2040 B.S. It was sanctioned as the Secondary Level School in 2052 B.S. and  were given 4 secondary  teachers’ posts, one  second class lower secondary teacher’s post. Since 2065, the school has been promoted to Higher Secondary level is running Education and Management faculties  with total staff comprising of 2 Higher Secondary  level teachers’ posts, 4 Secondary level teachers’ posts, 1 Relief Secondary level post, 7 lower secondary level teachers’ posts, 8 primary level teachers post, 1 preprimary level  teacher’s post, 2 English medium  primary teacher post ( school resource), 1 accountant, 2 helpers, 1 computer teacher ( school resource) , 1 gate keeper ( school resource)  1 sweeper  all together  30 in total.

The school is presently located Urlabari Municipality,  ward no 8, formerly at Rajght VDC ward no 9, Morang district.

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